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  • I’m now scheduling book talks and speaking engagements for the 2018-2019 academic year.  I’m always pleased to visit institutions, podcasts, and media outlets to talk about movie history or to help set up thematic film series on specific themes.  If you’d like to explore a visit to your library, school, or other institution, please be in touch by visiting the Contact page here.


  • Thanks to the wonderful folks at the Westport Community Theatre for hosting a conversation about conspiracy culture in modern America. The talk followed the April 22 performance of Steven Dietz‘s fascinating play, “Yankee Tavern,”directed by Ruth Anne Baumgartner.You can read more about the topic in  Conspiracy Theory in Film, Television, and Politics, which looks at the evolution of conspiracism in the United States since the beginning of the Cold War. It was great to meet and talk with so many interesting people!  To schedule an interview or event with the author,  please visit the Contact page of this website.
  • A recent op-ed in the Providence Journal provided commentary on misogyny and racism in Hollywood in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and its fallout. You can read it here.


  • Conspiracy Theory in Film, Television, and Politics is the basis of an article entitled “A Conspiracy Thriller Before Its Time,” which appeared in a recent edition of Slate. The article is available here.


  • Gordon Arnold was the guest in two recent editions of the Inquiry, a popular radio interview program hosted by Mark Lynch at WICN, the NPR affiliate in Worcester, MA. The segments focused on material from Arnold’s book, Animation and the American ImaginationThe interviews are available as podcasts here (the first program, which focused on early U.S. animation) and here (the second program, which focused on early television animation).



  • In an interview that appeared in the Salem News, author Gordon Arnold discussed his book Projecting the End of the American Dream and Hollywood’s role in shaping and reflecting U.S. political and social anxieties over much of the 20th century.