NEW BOOK! The Rise and Fall of the Future


Just announced!  The Rise and Fall of the Future: America’s Changing Vision of Tomorrow, 1939-1986.

"The Rise and Fall of the Future: America's Changing Vision of Tomorrow, 1939-1986"

“The Rise and Fall of the Future” — coming soon from McFarland & Co.

The new book from author Gordon Arnold traces the story of America’s evolving thinking about the future from the wondrous visions of the 1939 New York World’s Fair to the crushing blow of the Challenger disaster in 1986. It’s a story of the nation’s optimism–born of faith in itself, in technology, and in consumerism–and of a pessimistic turn that ushered in a sense of foreboding and visions of a world gone wrong.

How we think about the future matters, especially now in this new era of uncertainty. Americans once dreamed of bright, utopian tomorrows and lives of comfort and ease. It would be a world of jetpacks, flying cars, household robots, undersea cities, routine space travel, and gadgets that would improve life without ever exacting negative consequences. Problems would be solved. Lives would be peaceful. Illnesses would be conquered and crime reduced. Consumerism would deliver a life of plenty for everyone.

Where did this spirit of optimism go? As it turns out, America’s age of optimism for the world of tomorrow had hidden shortcomings. It failed to take into account social inequalities and the potential limits and downsides of new technologies. And before long, America’s dreams of a bright future seemed naive and misguided.

The giddy futurism that held sway in mid-century America is now long-gone. But the story of its rise and fall reveals much about where America has been, where it is now, and where it may be going.

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Inset image: Space Age artwork created by Rick Guidice for NASA. Public domain.